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"I recently moved to the area. I brought one of my dogs in for something that was going on with his eye. I have been going to the same vet for years. Due to that reason, having to find a new vet due to moving made me feel a little hesitant. Upon walking in to Canterbury Tails, I felt a warm and welcoming vibe right away. The staff was great. They answered all of my questions and really made me feel at ease and comfortable. Most importantly, they were wonderful with my dog Chance. He is not great with people but they were so calm and patient. They determined a possible cause for his eye irritation. They sent him home with some eye drops and another eye lubricant medication and a few days later his eye was so much better. I have 2 dogs and will definitely bring them back for an emergency situation if ever needed."

-Tara S.

"I unfortunately had to have my 21 year old cat put down. This was such a hard decision but I knew she was suffering. After calling multiple vets I chose Canterbury Tails. This was the best decision I could have made. They were very empathetic and did not rush the visit. They were so reassuring during the time I was there. I was extremely heartbroken and could not control my emotions. I want to thank each and every one of them for being kind, compassionate and understanding."

-Patty G.

"I switched to Canterbury Tails and it was the best decision I made for all my pets. Friendly and very compassionate staff. They spent time talking to me and I never felt rushed or pushed to do anything...My cat got sick again and this time he didn't make it. All the staff at Canterbury Tails wrote a personal note to me and my family. Their personal notes have touched my heart because I think they went above and beyond. I'm truly grateful for all of them and will continue to bring my pups there."

-Jennifer P.

"I have the most active and playful puppy ever! She is only 6 months only and she loves to run around all day in the back yard and play with my other 2 dogs but one day she wasn't acting normal at all. She was whining all day and all she wanted to do is be in bed which is not normal at all. I called every vet I could and nobody was taking new customers nor were available to see us, all they would say is ''Call tomorrow morning and we will let you know if there is a space open''. I get it! We are in a middle of a pandemic but my puppy needs help. Thankfully I found Canterbury Tails online, I called them and as soon as they heard her in the back crying they were able to squeeze her in THAT SAME DAY! They were very friendly and were able to find out what was wrong with her and even helped us apply for a medical credit card with 0% interest for 6 months! From now on we are bringing all of our dogs to Canterbury Tails!"

-Melissa R.

"I was in desperate need for a veterinarian for my dog. He was attacked by a porcupine and had 10 quills in his face. He was in a great deal of pain. We went to a very local animal clinic and they asked if he was a regular patient and then said they did not have the staff to take care of this dog. I decided to try Canterbury Tails in Ware. They were so kind and friendly when I called and said to bring him over right away. The staff was wonderful and concerned for my poor dog and the veterinarian was superb. She did a physical exam and some bloodwork. Using a short term anesthesia, she removed all of the quills within an hour. She was very thorough and I believe the fees were quite reasonable. The staff was excellent!! My dog was a very happy dog when he left. I was so pleased that I recently brought my bunny there for a physical. I have had pet house bunnies for 13 years and treat them like a part of the family. The veterinarian gave my bunny the most thorough exam that I have ever seen. She knew more than any of the veterinarians that I have worked with for 13 years. I would highly recommend them for your exotic pets!!"

-Mary D.

"Staff was very sweet and loving to my dog, and the veterinarian was amazing communicating with me via phone concerning my dog."

-Lindsey K.

"The staff was so friendly and caring! They even dealt with me panicking a little when I couldn't find the location. I appreciate their patience with both my cat and me!"

-Rebecca D.

"Even though we were given the worst possible news I appreciate everything they did ... Absolutely great staff"

-Lynn C.

"It is a new inviting , trendy clinic with warm welcoming staff and caring knowledgeable veterinarians who go the extra mile to give excellent care to your pet!"

-Deb. J

"Felt at home .. Such a knowledgeable staff."

-Danielle M.

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