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Leah Greenberger, DVM, Owner

Long ago in a small town in Pennsylvania, a toddler rode on her bouncy horse and proudly told everyone she was going to be a "horse doctor" when she grew up. That little girl never lost sight of that goal. She earned her undergraduate degree and then her doctorate of veterinary medicine in 1992 from Cornell University and is Dr. Leah Greenberger. Her path took her to Maryland and then Virginia where she operated a successful small animal practice in a rural area near Norfolk. Along the way she rescued, fostered, and adopted a legion of dogs and cats and developed her love of birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals. She never lost her love for horses and riding. When she moved to Massachusetts in 1999, she practiced emergency and critical care veterinary medicine throughout the area. These specialties developed her skills as a diagnostician and exposed her to a wide variety of medical experiences. Dr. Leah brings all of her background, love of animals, and experience to both Canterbury Tails and Belchertown Veterinary Hospital.

Susan Cleary, DVM​

Dr. Susan Cleary received her DVM from Cornell University, completed a veterinary internship at the University of Illinois, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. 

She has many years of experience caring for pets and has a special fondness for house rabbits and geriatric cats. She lives with her son, Biruk (and is still missing her beloved dog, Tosca). She now has a poodle mix named Alice, a cat named Summer, two ferrets named Conrad and Saxon and a Russian Tortoise. 

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring ponds and marshes in a small wooden boat she carries on top of her car.

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