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Preventative Care

When completing a comprehensive exam, our doctors look for...

Eyes- Signs of disease, discharge or tearing, abnormal movement or reaction to light, eyelid abnormalities or retinal disease.

Ears- Signs of ear infection including pain, gland swelling, redness, odor, mites, ear canal tumors, and ear drum disease and rupture.

Mouth- Bad breath, level of calculus on teeth, gingivitis, oral tumors, gum color, tonsils, and dehydration.

Heart- Heart rate, arrhythmias, and murmurs/valvular disease.

Lungs- Wheezing, crackling, muffled heart sounds and increased airway sounds.

Abdomen- Increased abdominal organ enlargement, liver, spleen, and kidneys; bladder size, pain, or stones; intestinal thickness or gas; discomfort on palpation or excessive fluid.

Legs- Muscle symmetry, grinding sounds or fluid in the joints; limitations in range of joint motion, painful bones or joints and lameness.

Coat, Skin, and Nails- Overall condition and quality of coat; lumps and bumps; excessive dander; saliva-stained fur; fleas/ticks; skin rashes and infections; overgrown nails; tapeworms, fecal matting, or anal gland abnormalities.

Lymph nodes/Thyroid- Any irregularities or changes in size.


 The exotics we see include snakes, turtles, tortoises, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and hedge hogs, along with other reptiles and pocket pets. Everything from wellness care to surgical procedures.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our doctors perform many surgeries including, but not limited to spays and neuters, mass removals, dewclaw removals and many other procedures as needed. Our team takes every precaution to ensure that our patients receive safe anesthesia. Before surgery, we perform a pre-anesthestic exam and always recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork to determine which anesthesia and pain medications are safe to use, as well as IV catheter placement all prior to anesthesia. During anesthesia, your pet will receive electronic monitoring of heart rate, ECG, temperature, oxygenation, blood pressure and personal monitoring. All pets receive pain management both during and after surgery. Post surgery there is always a medical staff member monitoring during recovery. We always want you to be comfortable with any procedure that is being done and are happy to discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have both before the surgery is booked and after our patient has been discharged and is back in your care.

In-House Laboratory

We know time is critical when pets are sick. We have an in-house lab which is state of the art. With this equipment we are able to perform bloodwork including, a full chemistry profile, complete blood count (CBC), thyroid screening, pancreatitis diagnostics, liver screening, annual screening for heartworm, lyme disease, erlichia and anaplasmosis (two other tick borne diseases common to this area), and urinalysis among other tests for same day results. We also submit specimens daily to IDEXX Laboratories. Most lab results are received the following day.

On-site Pharmacy

We have a fully stocked pharmacy with most medications used to prevent or treat illnesses. We can also special order items as needed, and carry a full line of prescription diets. We ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice for prescription refills to allow us ample time to prepare your medications. You can also request refills online through Petly.


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